A matter of grain to glass.

From milling to mashing, distilling, maturing and bottling, every elegant mouthful of Boann Single Malt and Pot Still whiskey is created within the quietude of our unique family distillery.

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The Process

Distilling is an art. At Boann we combine traditional brewing and distilling methods with modern technology to create the most unique of whiskeys.

The production of the highest quality Single Pot Still distillate requires a considered effort to not only efficiently process the un-malted grains contained within the Single Pot Still mash bills (recipes), but to also maximise the flavour and mouthfeel of Ireland’s signature style of whiskey.

It is the inclusion of these unmalted grains in the mashbill that not only garnered Irish Single Pot Still whiskey its global fame, but it’s also what separates the category from its cousin, Single Malt (100% malted barley).

The Boann Distillery brewing system is specifically designed to produce single pot still spirit by utilising both a mash conversion vessel and lauter tun. This makes it one of the only purpose-built single pot still brewing systems in the country specifically designed to process un-malted grains, and efficiently activate crucial enzymes that make brewing with un-malted grains possible. This makes us uniquely positioned to produce some of the finest and highest quality single pot still spirit in the country.

Every raw ingredient sourced is 100% natural and 100% local. Every drop of water is drawn from our Boyne Valley well. Every grain of barley is provided by our native farmers.

We operate a closed loop system for water, recycling all our input water and maximising energy recovery from our systems. The heat generated helps run our packaging lines and will heat the restaurant, visitor centre and offices. Rain water harvesting will be utilised to minimise our footprint and also water our gin botanicals.

All bi-products of distillation, pot ale and spent grains are very high in protein and used as animal feed.

From milling to mashing, maturing to bottling, every elegant mouthful of Boann malted pot still whiskey and craft gin is created within the quietude of our family distillery.

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Our Italian made copper pot stills utilize pioneering nano-technology.


At 29 years of age, Michael our Head Distiller is Ireland’s youngest head distiller. Having completed an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering, Michael then went on to complete his General Certificate in Distilling, in association with Hariot Watt University. Michael quickly ascended through the ranks and in 2014 received his first appointment to Head Distiller.

He brings a wealth of knowledge to our project and will be key in developing the unique proposition that will be our whiskeys. Our shared passion and his wealth of knowledge means each detail at Boann Distillery has been meticulously considered.

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The spirits world is adorned with so many flavored casks, barrels and butts. We pride ourselves on choosing only the finest staves to flavor our whiskeys. Knowing what to use for maturation and when to bottle is key to The Whistler whiskeys hitting the right notes.

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In the heart of the Boyne Valley, the Cooney family is reviving the time-honoured traditions of Ireland’s master distillers. It is here, in Boann Distillery, that we have set about creating the finest whiskeys.

Boann Distillery is a family company, born and believed in by Patrick and Marie Cooney, along with their family; Sally-Anne, Celestine, Peter, Patrick and James.

With a combined wealth of experience, including forty years in the Irish drinks industry building up the Gleeson Group from a small independent bottler to a company with a turnover in excess of €300 million per annum, the Cooney family understands what it takes to create successful, premium brands.

It has always been a family dream to craft and distill our very own Irish whiskey.

Our specially designed and distinctive nano-copper pot stills and fine oak cask cellars, ensure we produce a whiskey of distinct character with a real sense of place.

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TheWhistler Drink

Pat Cooney ‘The Whistler’.
The inspiration and guiding hand for our whiskey range.

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