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Classic Irish Coffee 

TheWhistler Post Classic Irish Coffee
  • Ingredients

    1.5oz The Whistler Double Oaked
    4 oz Hot Coffee
    Homemade Cream
    Optional garnish: cocoa powder, coffee bean, grated nutmeg etc.
  • Instructions

    Fill glass with hot water to warm. While glass is warming, brew coffee and start whipping cream. For the Cream, take heavy or double cream and add one spoon of sugar for sweetness. Whip until semi whipped but still able to pour slowly. This can be achieved in cocktail shaker with cocktail straining spring.
    Once coffee is brewed and cream is whipped, empty glass of boiling water. Add one spoon of sugar, 1-1.5oz of Whistler Double Oaked and then about 3.5/4 oz of hot coffee. Stir vigorously to dissolve the sugar. Once dissolved, pour cream over the back of the spoon to float gently on top of the coffee. The drink is designed to be consumed hot through a cold layer making the drink palatable, so the float is very important.

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